We specialize in the metal construction or construction in metal and aluminum industry.

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Creation and installation of fiberglass balconies.

Manufacturing and installation of metal stairs.

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In summary, we specialize in custom manufacturing of metal structures, providing creative design, technical expertise, professional installation, and exceptional customer service. Trust our experienced team to efficiently and satisfactorily bring your metal construction projects to life.

  • Custom Metal or Aluminum Fabrication
  • Metal Staircase Fabrication
  • Creation of Fiberglass Balconies
  • Architectural Structures in Metal or Aluminum
  • Repairs and Renovations
  • Professional Installation

Jimmy Works

A local company specializing in metal and aluminum construction and renovation, serving the greater Montreal area. Whether you need metal staircase fabrication, balconies, fences, or other metal or aluminum structures, we are here to assist you. Contact us now to discuss your metal and aluminum renovation projects.



Our experience and tools allow us to exceed your expectations.



Your satisfaction is our success. We prioritize customer satisfaction.



Our members are adequately trained and specialized in renovation.



A dedicated team loyal to commitments and obligations to the client.

How we work

In 4 simple steps.



We will take measurements and calculate in square feet using the most commonly used standard measurement method for construction work.



This step involves calculating approximate costs for the quote. Generally, expenses are fixed, but there may be surprises.


Execution of the work

Once the initial deposit is received, we can start purchasing the necessary materials and begin the renovation work.


Repairs are ready

You accept the work done by our team and make the agreed final payment.

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